In-Line Inspection of Internally and Externally Coated Water Pipelines

Cypress ETI, LLC (“ETI”) provides in-line pipeline inspection services to the water industry. ETI has developed a unique capability to operate in large diameter mortar-lined water distribution pipelines. ETI utilizes established Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) technology to provide a continuous conditional assessment of the pipeline.

Through the displacement of an “in-line inspection (ILI) tool” inside the pipeline, the unique ETI solution provides clients with a complete circumferential assessment of corrosion and other metal loss anomalies along the entire length of the pipeline. The ETI system can operate in internally and externally coated (typically mortar) pipelines. The inspection report identifies metal loss features by length, width and depth, allowing clients to make preventative integrity management decisions prior to failure. A continuing program of inspecting a water authority’s pipeline(s) helps the water authority properly manage, maintain and plan for the future needs of the pipeline(s). The system requires the line to be evacuated prior to inspection.